Romance & Sex While Travelling Tips

Romance and sex are an important part of any couple’s relationship, and it’s not any different while you travel long-term or during romantic getaways .  Depending on the type and length of your trip, intimacy will become another detail that must be scheduled and planned in order to ensure your couples vacation is a pleasant one.  It’s always important to make sure you still have sex while travelling.

romantic getaways

Sexy Romantic Weekend Getaways Tips

  1. Spice it up!  Romantic weekend getaways are just for that, to get away from the ordinary day-to-day routines. Come prepared with anything you think will create excitement for your romantic weekend.  You don’t want an ordinary bedroom session when you’re trying to escape the ordinary.
  2. Many couples resorts come well equipped with all the services needed to heat the passion.  Consider individual private massages, or spa treatments before the evening starts.  Ask for the most romantic restaurant and don’t forget to share the desert.  Or order desert once back in the room using room service, just don’t forget the whip cream.

Sex While Travelling on a Vacation

  1. Pay attention to the calendar.  Most women don’t need to be reminded of this, but I felt compelled to include it in our romance tips. Don’t schedule romantic getaways during the same time your monthly visitor is in town.
  2. Research the atmosphere of the accommodation.  If you’re planning a romantic vacation, you probably wont want to stay in a party hotel during spring break week. Likewise, if you’re planning a wild vacation with your new lover don’t stay anywhere that has curfews and quiet hour. Do your homework about the hotel’s scene and book appropriately.
  3. If you are traveling with children, that’s an entirely different approach. Check out “How to Have Sex on the Road and Not Wake Your Child“.

Sex While Backpacking Tips

  1. Book private rooms ahead of time.  Most long-term budget travelers spend their time in hostels where private rooms are not always available. You both may be fine staying in dorm rooms to save money once in a while, but if you’re traveling during high season, be sure to schedule your hostel ahead of time to ensure a private room when you’re ready for sex.  Some private rooms include bathrooms, others don’t.  Make sure you ask.  And do all your hostel mates a favor, by NOT having sex in a hostel’s shared bathroom.
  2. Don’t forget to be romantic.  Backpacking travel means you’re likely to be together 24-7 and that means you will take each other’s presence for granted, if you don’t kill each other first.  A simple flower, or small thoughtful gift goes a long way to show how much you care about them.  Randomly suggest a romantic dinner or a movie night.  It seems so simple, but when you have no routine, meaning no typical weekends, you soon forget.
  3. Don’t hesitate to schedule sex night.  Days can be extremely busy, causing mental and physical exhaustion when you’re traveling for 15 hours on a bus. When you’re planning your day be proactive about leaving plenty of time and energy for sex.
Remember, travelling is fun, and so is sex, so it’s a good idea to have sex while travelling.